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Moisture Testing Auckland

A major facet of the building report is to assess weather tightness of the house. The leaky building syndrome is a major concern for home buyers and so I use my extensive building experience and moisture testing equipment to insure your home is in good condition.

Moisture testing is carried out around the skirting boards and windows on all exterior walls using a Surveymaster moisture meter.

Our testing procedure gives you photos of the actual moisture readings in percentage of moisture content. These results are accepted as evidence in the Weathertightness Tribunal.

Building Moisture Testing & Inspection in Auckland NZ

The report contains references to the “moisture content” of internal finishing timber and other timber components of the building.  Moisture content is given as a percentage (%).  Timber considered “dry” in the building sense, will have a moisture content equal to or less than 16%.  Although higher moisture readings may be acceptable in some circumstances, any readings greater than about 18% in a completed building should be investigated further.

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