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Building Inspection Reports Auckland

The primary focus of the home inspection report is to identify problems and potential problems in a prospective house, so that you can buy your home with confidence.

A major facet of the building report is to assess weather tightness of the house. The leaky building syndrome is a major concern for home buyers and so I use my extensive building experience and moisture testing equipment to insure your home is in good condition.

House Inspection and Reports in Auckland New Zealand

All of my Builders Reports and Pre Purchase House inspections include extensive moisture testing.

Our testing procedure gives you photos of the actual moisture readings in percentage of moisture content. These results are accepted as evidence in the Weathertightness Tribunal.

Our comprehensive Building reports involve a complete inspection from the roof to the foundations, from inside and out. The electrics and plumbing are also inspected to see they are in good working condition.

Our reports follow the NZS 4306:2005 standard, insuring all aspects of your house are inspected. It is our intention to provide you with the best house inspection possible.

Site & Deck, Garage, Foundation, Exterior cladding, Windows, Roof, Ceiling Space, Interior, plumbing, Electrical, Weathertightness Risk Assessment, Moisture testing.

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